3 Lucrative Nursing Careers

The market demand for nursing is booming. Baby boomers are getting older and reaching retirement age. This demographic will be dealing with many chronic health issues. This means many more older civilians going to their doctors for medical reasons and health related issues.

At the moment, there are not enough nurses in the medical field to deal the current the patient load. If there is a shortage now, imagine what the labor market could look like in 10 years when all those baby boomers are at old age. If you want to hop into a thriving and lucrative field, the medical field might not be a bad choice.

This is one of the primary reasons that the nursing field has been expanding quite heavily over the past 10 years or so. More universities are adding nursing programs than ever before. This is to help fight the current nursing shortage the United States has in nursing.

Because there is a labor shortage of nurses, they are getting paid more now than they ever did before. The average registered nurse makes about $67,000 per year, according to payscale.com. That is predicted to slowly go up within the coming years.

​So I have convinced you that becoming nurse may not be a bad career choice. Now imagine this scenario. You went to college and studied nursing. Got a good job at prestigious hospital.

You are a registered nurse and have been working for a year or two. Around this time, you start thinking about how can I maneuver my career to maximize my income? What steps do I need to take?

Other words, you want to get PAID!! How do you it? What nursing careers are best to do so? Here is where we break down the best paths for you money hungry nurses. We generated this list of the three best career paths in nursing based on potential salary and market demand.

Travel Nursing

You are a registered nurse. You want to travel but not take too much time off work. How can you get paid to work and travel? That is why travel nursing was invented.

Okay. It was not really invented for that reason but you get the point. Travel nurses move around the country to fill labor shortages at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, private companies, and other healthcare facilities. They go where they are needed and assist the staff nurses with their duties.

One of the biggest attractions to this position are the salaries paid to these travel nurses. They are compensated nicely for leaving their old lives behind adjusting to a new environment.

Experienced travel nurses with five to ten years on the job can expect to earn a salary of over $90,000. Some travel nurses with over 10 years experience make over $150,000 per year. Even inexperienced travel nurses can still make a salary north of $70,000 a year.

These nurses also receive great benefits. The companies and healthcare facilities they work for cover their moving costs and some housing costs. Some companies offer housing and transportation allowance as well.

They still receive health insurance plans, life insurance plans, 401k retirement plans, etc. This ensures that you get all the benefits of a permanent full time nursing position.

Travel nurses are usually registered nurses who have a couple years experience. Nurses who have experience in critical care seem to have an easier time finding travel assignments. Experience in the intensive care unit or emergency room might be good way to pick up in your first couple years as a nurse.

Critical Care Flight Nurse

Remember the prime time shows Third Watch or ER from the early 2000s? We would watch the paramedics pick up the sick or injured patient and transport him or her to the emergency room. There would be a nurse and/or paramedic working on them in the ambulance.

Now imagine the same scenario but transporting the patient on a helicopter or a small aircraft. The nurse works on the patient aboard the helicopter. Like on the ambulance, it is their job to stabilize and treat them aboard the aircraft.

​These flight nurses work 24 hour shifts and usually 6 to 8 shifts per month. Many of these nurses work as part time staff nurses in other medical facilities. On average, these nurses make a salary of around $70,000. Flight nurses with experience can make over $100,000 per year. 

Where you work also plays a large role in how much you get paid. Flight nurses can work for hospitals, clinics, other publicly funded health care facilities, or private companies. Flight nurses make much money at private companies than at hospitals or clinics.

Nurse Anesthesia

These nurses administer anesthesia to their patients. They usually work alongside an anesthesiologist and a team of supervised medical professionals. They perform patient evaluations to see how much and what type of anesthesia should work for them.

These nurses work well under pressure. A patient’s health situation can make some moments stressful. These nurses are pretty good at working with patients and their team to do jobs adequately.

These nurses get paid a salary of $142,000 on average, according to payscale.com. If you have couple years experience, your salary can be north of $200,000.

That is quite a bit of change. They are usually registered nurses that have a bachelor’s of science in nursing with graduate level training in nurse anesthesia. They can work at hospitals, private practices and companies, nursing homes, and clinics.


These are three high paying nursing careers that are not as heavily advertised as other popular nursing positions. Careers like Nurse Manager and Practitioner will always be more popular. These positions can be stressful and require critical care skills. That may not be appealing to everyone.

However, these are alternative career paths to look into if you are a nurse. Especially, if you want to accelerate you career. Let’s us not beat around the bush. You want to get paid and help people along the way.

There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, we applaud your ambition. That is why we made this post. Look into these career paths listed above. They will give you more options on where to go with your nursing career.

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