Funny ER Story?

So I was working in the ER yesterday. It was a pretty quite night overall. It was nice toi have it be chill on a weekend for a change. 

Anyway, at about 1:43am, this 21 year old comes in on a stretcher screaming in pain and hold on to his crotch. 

I was like "What the f***?!" You do not see that all the time. The boy was hurting badly. 

There was that one time where a guy stabbed himself in his pelvic region by accident but that is a story for another time. 

So guess who was tasked with looking after this guy ? You guessed it! Me. 

So I go into the room after he has been treated and he is still rubbing his crotch when I walk in. 

He stops when he sees though. I act as if I saw nothing. No need to make this situation more awkward than it needs to be. 

I ask him how he is feeling. He responds that he could be better. He also says he is embarrassed to be in this situation to begin with. 

I tell him that everything is okay and that no one is judging him here. You know, typical nurse stuff. 

I am just trying to comfort his dumb ass so he does not complain to management and get me fired. No thanks. 

However, I am curios on to up happened to him. It says in his file that he ruptured his penile tissue. How do you do that?

So I ask him is he fell and tripped or something. He said no.

Then he told me he was using a water pump called Bathmate Hydromax and a penis extender called Phallosan Forte to grow his penis.

He read about it on a website for men called Success Rebellion.  He admitted that he did not follow the biggest piece of advice on blog. 

That advice is to take proper rest days while training your penis to grow. Everyone warned him about that too. 

Well then, that is new and made me laugh for a couple days following. Hopefully now he knows to follow instructions. I was still amused and that story made my night.  

That is all for now guys. I hope you enjoyed my story. Thanks!

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