Interesting Way To Fight Peyronie’s Disease

Hello guys, 

Ray Kingsman here from Success Rebellion. I am here to tell a funny story about one of my friends who was in the intensive care unit getting treated for pain in his pelvic area. 

He had the pain several days and it became intolerable for him. So he checked into the emergency room. 

He got the emergency room and was diagnosed with Peyronie's Disease. Basically, when your dick is curved to the left or to the right. 

It is beyond me how anyone ends up with a disease like that. Interestingly enough, that was not the weird part. 

The weirdest part was how to treat the disease. You treat the disease using penis pumps and extenders. 

One device is particular was prescribed to my friend to help him treat this disease. Phallosan forte penis extender

This is device that leaves you strop on to your penis and leaves stretches to the right or the left for hours at time. 

It is supposed to cause micro tears in the penile tissue and therefore get your penis to adjust and get bigger. 

Thus the lengthening in equals will correct the curvature in the penis. Phallsoan somehow got approved by the FDA and has massive clinical study behind it too. Very interesting. 

Apparently many doctors recommend this product to help fight this disease. You can your healthcare to completely cover it too. Crazy. 

I thought I would share with you because it is one of the odder scenarios I have witnessed in a while. 

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Ray Kingsman out.

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