8 Good Nursing Careers To Consider

How many different types of nurses can you think of? LPN and RN? For most people outside the nursing community, those are the only nursing occupations they can think of.

This post is geared as much toward nurses as it toward people outside the community. There are many different nursing careers out there. It is not limited to just a Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse.

Hence, why we complied a list of other popular nursing professions. Not only these professions showing growth but some of these professions are quite lucrative. So here is a list of top nursing professions to be considered if entering the field of nursing.

This should add some more ideas on where to o take a nursing career. Especially, if making a good salary is going to play an important factor in the career search.

Nurse Manager

​Nurse managers will ideally have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Science in Nursing and an advanced management degree or certification.  They usually have a lot of experience as well.. They do not work with the patients too often. They are recruiting, organizing, planning, scheduling, and reporting.

Their jobs are very important. They dictate the  order of operations and patient assignments for every nurse in their unit. They work closer to  the doctors to assist them. They act as a liaison between doctors, nurses, patients, other hospital staff, and medical and nursing stuffs.

Nurse managers usually make average an of $81,000 per year, according to payscale.com.

Nurse Anesthetist

​These are registered nurses who have received advanced training and/or degree in nurse anesthesia. These graduate school programs usually range from two to three years.  The education and certification can vary depending on state and employer.

Nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia to patients before surgery. They work with the anesthesiologists and others on the team. They work closely with the patient to determine the amount of anesthesia to administer. They are very critical to the team.

The average nurse anesthesia salary is just over $137,000, according to payscale.com. These is easily one of most lucrative professions in the nursing field.

Nurse Practitioner

​These are registered nurses that have received an advanced education in medical training, treatment, diagnosis, and management. Their advanced certification usually is in the form of a master’s degree and takes two years to complete.

These nurses can perform tasks far beyond an ordinary registered nurse. They can prescribe drugs and treatment to patients and administer physical exams. They can provide the doctor with assistance during surgeries. They are very valuable in the hospital because they take a lot of work off the doctor’s hands.
They can also coordinate with and manage hospital staff and registered nurses. This position is in very demand right now.

The average nurse practitioner salary is about $90,000, according to payscale.com. Not as high as nurse anesthesia but this is still one of the more lucrative career paths in the nursing field.

Critical Care Nurse

​These are nurses that work in the intensive care units of hospitals. They usually carry a BSN or MSN and critical care certification.

There patients are usually are in life-threatening conditions. They need to be able to spot changes in their patients symptoms. As well as constantly monitor their position. These nurses constantly have to  work under pressure due to the nature of their role.

The average salary for these nurses is about $61,000, according to payscale.com. This profession is one that is usually used to gather much needed experience for new registered nurses. It is said that the  ICU is where you will up skills the quickest because it is very paced.

Nurses have many career options from there. After 2 or 3 years of working in ICU, they can become top candidates for top graduate school programs. They can also transition to another field of nursing or build up more certifications and get paid more.

Registered Nurse

​A registered nurse must have a associate’s degree or a BSN. They need to be licensed by their state and pass the medicine administration exam.

They usually work in hospitals and clinics. Some work at outpatient centers, senior homes, other private companies. They have a bunch of options in terms of employment.

The average registered nurse salary is is about $66,000,  according to glassdoor.com. Registered nurses with no experience start out making $52,000 on average. Not bad for a starting gig.

Travel Nursing​

​These nurses usually have the same backgrounds as registered nurses. They usually have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing or associate’s degree and the equivalent certification.

These nurses are usually sent to different areas of the country and to help hospitals, clinics, and other private companies that are understaffed. They obtain contract and sent off. Each contract assignment last about thirteen weeks.

A Travel Nurse Salary will usually be around $70,000 to $80,000 per year. This salary can go up or go down depending on experience level and education.

Flight Nursing

​These nurses are often registered nurses with experience in critical care. They usually need certifications in everything related to emergency care and trauma. These nurses usually have BSNs or Associate’s degrees.

Flight nurses help transport from place to place. Along with that, they stabilize and monitor the patient’s  condition on the way. They work with other medical staff such paramedics, medical staff, and doctors. This is a very fast paced job and can be very stressful

The average flight nurse salary is $72,000 . This is also pretty lucrative nursing profession. Average salary depends on where you work and who you work for.

Flight nurses get more in some states than others. Flight nurses get paid over $80,000, on average, in New York and New Jersey. While on average, they only make a bit over $57,000 in South Dakota. Private companies much pay more than hospitals and clinics.

Certified Nurse Assistants

​The training and certification varies depending by state and where you want to work.  Do expect there to be some type of formal expected of CNAs.

They work under the supervisions of registered nurses. This position can also be seen as a stepping stone into a nursing career. It can be great way to decide if nursing is for you. It exposes you to the hospital, staff procedure, hours worked, patient care,  and overall responsibilities.

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​These are potentially eight different ways you can take your nursing career. Our advance would be choose the the career that fits your personals values and traits. It will make  the transition much less seamless.

Do your best to keep advancing your education. Get more certifications completed and reel in that  experience at the hospital .This way you can increase your pay rate and demand more responsibility.

I hope this post helps  and gives you  a bit knowledge while looking for a job.